Access to resources and instructions pertaining to ALZ-NET operations, general dementia care, and imaging services relevant for sites and clinicians.

Join the Network

Sites that are interested in joining ALZ-NET must submit the Site Registration and Feasibility Survey to get started. This page also outlines the minimum qualifications for a site and its clinicians to participate in ALZ-NET.

Getting Started

This page should be referenced once the site has received a formal invitation letter from the ALZ-NET Operations Team. Sites are provided with step-by-step instructions on how to become fully activated and able to enroll patients. If your site has not received a formal invitation letter, please refer to the steps on Join the Network.

Network Operations

Access resources and information for participating health practitioners to successfully participate in ALZ-NET.

Network News

Read the most recent news in Alzheimer’s diseases research, including recent ALZ-NET announcements, FDA approvals, and Alzheimer’s disease care.

Top Resources

Summary Table of Data Elements
November 18, 2022

A list of all data elements that are to be captured within patients’ medical records for collection in ALZ-NET.

Protocol Synopsis
November 18, 2022

High-level synopsis of the ALZ-NET protocol.

Site Activation Checklist
November 18, 2022

Summary document of the required activities an invited sites must complete prior to receiving their activation memo.

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