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The collection of Real-World Data (RWD) globally is integral to the discovery, evaluation and evolution of novel avenues for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and care of Alzheimer’s and other dementia. In addition, RWD can play a key role in the identification and understanding of health disparities, and the subsequent development and implementation of initiatives to advance health equity.

ALZ-NET International is a global forum to connect ALZ-NET with RWD platforms related to Alzheimer’s and dementia from around the world. With the common goal of aligning and accelerating progress globally, ALZ-NET International members share their experiences, ideas and outputs to inform infrastructure development, enable innovation and disseminate findings to the field.

ALZ-NET International partners meet quarterly to share updates and initiatives, including at an annual in-person meeting at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC). Collaboration between ALZ-NET International partners is encouraged by forming working groups to explore areas of mutual interest.

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Alzheimer's Network International

Funding opportunities

Alzheimer’s Association Funding Program for Global Real-World Data Platforms (ALZ-RWD)

Status: Accepting Pre-Applications
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Real-World Data (RWD) platforms house data on patient health status and health care collected within real-world settings and are essential to inform and improve care in the rapidly evolving AD treatment landscape. To build on the global momentum in this field, the Alzheimer’s Association has launched a peer-reviewed funding program to support the advancement of and opportunities of global RWD initiatives. Applications are expected to augment and accelerate global initiatives with the goal of developing, expanding and aligning RWD platforms’ infrastructure, data and impact.

This grant is open to international (non-U.S.) applications.